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Software for doctors to onboard new patients to cannabis treatment plan

Onboarding patient support program

Onboarding patient support program


​The onboarding patient support program (PSP) is part of a more comprehensive AI patient management software that allows doctors to gather medical information from patients who need medical cannabis treatment.
The onboarding process makes patient data collection faster and more accurate than traditional methods. Thus, doctors can determine how to provide more reliable and better treatment plans to their patients.

The Problem

​Medical cannabis is a treatment way that many doctors still don't know how to manage.
Many doctors are unprepared to manage their patients' medical cannabis treatment plans due to their lack of tools, and as a result, often don't know what to ask or what to lock for.



stakeholder research

Concept creation

User testing

Limited Beta

Official launch


  • What are the patient's and doctor's pain points in the first encounter

  • What tools do the doctors use and what they lack

  • Understand how most of the patients get medical treatment

  • Create patient and doctor journey maps

  • Create a patient and doctors profile

  • Research the market for similar tools

Key Insights

  • Doctors forget to ask important questions at the first appointment

  • Doctors do not remember all the relevant questions they need to ask

  • Patients do not know what is relevant that the doctor should know

  • Patients do not always remember all their medical information

  • Doctors spend a lot of time finding old records of treatment plans

User Profile

Based on the research there are 2 main users:

Doctors  and patients


onboarding phases
Onboarding - Medical Information 1.png
onboarding treatment plan
Detailed View.png

Beta & User feedback

After completing the detailed wireframe for the main screens, I approached the nurses, the primary users, and checked if the system was intuitive and met the requirements. Simultaneously, I checked with the rest of the stakeholders.
After several iterations, an MVP was ready, and nurses could start using the product right away.

Detailed Design

Patient onboarding phases
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