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Evidence-based treatment through data-driven insights

SyqeAir Clinical Dashboard

AB Denizel | Syqeair clinical dashbord


The clinical dashboard is an AI platform that gives nurses informed decisions on how to continue patients' treatment depending on their complete medical data and treatment plan with the SyqeAir inhaler

The Problem

Before the clinical dashboard, the nursing staff would provide medical support to patients that took a lot of time because they were required to review medical documents and information provided by patients and save it in a passive database.
Then they had to analyze the patient's information each time during a conversation to give them the best treatment they needed. 
Eventually, this resulted in very long follow-up calls.



stakeholder research

Concept creation

User testing

Limited Beta

Official launch


  • What are the stakeholders' pain points and needs

  • Refine the company's goals

  • What tools the company uses and what they lack to achieve the goals

  • Observe and understand how the nursing staff work

  • Understanding how  conversations with patients are conducted

  • Talk with patients to understand their pain points and needs

  • Create a patient and nurses journey map

  • Reaserch the market for similar tools

Key Insights

  • Nurses work in several programs simultaneously

  • Not everyone on the nursing staff has the same experience

  • No internet = No patient support

  • Softwares are very secured

  • Softwares do not work on tablets = No mobility to the nurses

User Profile

Based on the research there are 2 main users:

Nurses who conduct the questioners and patients Interested in reliable and fast treatment 

Patient journey 

Patient journey


Clinical dashboard wireframe

Beta & User feedback

After completing the detailed wireframe for the main screens, I approached the nurses, the primary users, and checked if the system was intuitive and met the requirements. Simultaneously, I checked with the rest of the stakeholders.
After several iterations, an MVP was ready, and nurses could start using the product right away.

Detailed Design

Patient Dashboard - Personal Details
Patient Dashboard - Personal Details
Patient Dashboard - Medication list & Treatment plan
Patient Dashboard - Medication list + Treatment plan
Patient Dashboard - Medical Information
Patient Dashboard - Medical Information
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